The History Guide of Best Casino Games

We live in the era of the highly developed technologies. With the growing success of the Internet, the popularity of the best casino games grew thick and fast. The classical casino games were transformed to the online casino games, and the players got the opportunity of playing their favorite games on the computers.

But how did traditional forms of games appear? What is their history? Let's try to find out this information.

Roulette History

You can hardly find the person, who had never heard about the and its wheel. But where are the roots of this game? It is difficult to believe, but the prototype of the roulette wheel was invented by the outstanding French mathematician Blaise Pascal. He was trying to create the perpetual motion machine, but instead of this gave birth to the most popular roulette casino game. The Pascal's invention was later developed by Blanc's brothers. There exists the legend, they've sold their souls to Devil for this idea, and that's why the total sum number of the roulette parts is 666.

Blackjack History

Blackjack history is still the disputable question among the scientist from all over the world. There are some versions about the origins of the game:

  1. The game appeared in France in 17-th century and was originally called "Vingt-et-Un" (20 and one in English).
  2. The game ancestor was Spanish play "One and Thirty".
  3. The game originated from the Italian "Seven and a Half" game.

Nowadays the game is extremely popular and has a lot of variations and admirers. A lot of cheating methods were invented to beat the game, but still the most effective of them remains the card counting invented by the famous professor Edward Thorp.

Slots History

The first slot machine was invented by the Charles Fey in 1895 and has got the name "Mills Liberty Bell". The machine reels contained actual gambling cards on them: the Jack, Queen and King. The bell was ringing each time the gambler won.

In 1910 one more slots machine type was invented and it was called "Operational Bell". There was a special entry for coins and the reel contained fruit symbols. In five years there appeared wooden slots machines, which were less noisy. In 1931 appeared several themes slots machines:

  • Lion Head
  • War Eagle
  • Roman Head.

Baccarat History

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games. According to the historical facts the game appeared in Italy and was initially played with the Tarot cards. There also exists the legend about one of the Etruscan rituals, where the virgin was throwing the dice to decide whether she'll become the priestess or die.

In 1490 AD the game was introduced to French public, but at first it was the privilege of rich people. Later it gained its popularity in England and became accessible to common people.