Casino Banking

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If the banking options are limited then, it is very difficult to attract people towards gambling sites. For a player the most frustrating thing is to feel constrained because of limited financing options. In such situation withdrawing your money also become very tough.

Credit Card

Here you can use credit cards like Maestro, Visa and MasterCard. In this way, you can pay easily even if you do not have any money up front. At the same time, the time of deposit is instant, but minimum amount of deposit is 21 dollars.


This is recognized widely as a payment transfer mechanism in online world. Users get a secure and convenient way of transferring funds to the recipient devoid of any problems like breach in security. This system is normally used in online gaming facilities as well as in various lotteries, bidding and betting sites.

The working of this system is very simple. The user has to create a Click2Pay account, after this he can add bank account or credit card information. After this you can transmit money to the Click2Pay account from your bank account with just a few clicks. Then you can use your account for funding your online bets or purchases.


This is the ultimate way out for the gamers as there are several laws prohibiting the use of credit card companies in gambling websites. Neteller is accepted, which is a leading company of credit card offering flexibility and security regarding deposit of money for funding the bets and then to withdraw money that you win. You just need to create a Neteller account and to fill the registration form. Then you will get the account ID and a password. You can put in money in this account from the American bank account as well as withdraw from it. The only disadvantage is that you it takes some time to finish the transaction.

Sometimes it can take almost thirty days for the transaction to show on your card. To overcome this problem you can take Neteller debit card and can withdraw funds much faster. You can use this debit car like other debit cards.