Reviews of Common Cheating Methods

With the increasing the online casino popularity, the number and variety of the cheating methods grew too. Gamblers are trying to invent different tricks to beat the casinos and get the advantage over the other players.

Online Casino Cheating Methods

  • Bots Using. Online casino reviews state that it is the most common cheating method among the online gamblers. It is the possibility of the site hosts to block the site connections from or to particular players. The main aim of this method is to prevent the ruining of the game by malicious players.
  • Using of the Aimbot. It is used to provide different acquisition assistance levels to the players.
  • Latency Hacking. The method is used to get the advantage over the other players. It is possible in virtue of disrupting the Internet communication between the server and the console.
  • ESP (Extrasensory Perception). With help of this method casino cheaters may define the position, equipment, health, name and orientation of the other participants. This information is usually hidden from the gamblers.
  • Wallhacking gives cheaters the possibility to manipulate and remove textures.
  • Skin Cheats. The technique is used to change the colors of the players' model textures.
  • Farming. The method is applied in the games to play against each other for obtaining the achievements not playing the game linearly.
  • Character Sharing. It is one of the common cheating methods used for games, where several people can use a singular character.

The cheating methods were known throughout the whole casino history. The gamblers made it with the help of the unique and intelligent methods. But nowadays casinos take very severe measures to prevent casino cheaters activities. We don't recommend you to use any of these methods, as the casino security staff is usually divided into physical security force and the surveillance department. These two department work very closely, are trained perfectly and know all the cheating techniques, so all the cheaters' attempts usually fail.