Roulette Rules

When the game of roulette begins a dealer asks the players to place their bets. After this a player gets an option to place different kinds of bets. A player has to choose amid "outside" bets and "inside" bets. These "inside" bets comprises of combinations of numbers that are inside the inner numbered segment of a roulette table. On the flip side, "outside" bets are wagers that are positioned on the external numbered segment of a roulette table.

Inside Bets

  • Straight bet: in these bets the players place the chips in the centre of the square.
  • Split bet: there are two adjacent numbers in these bets and chips are positioned on a line amid numbers.
  • Street bet: These bets are on three numbers in one horizontal line on which the chips are positioned on the border of the line of numbers and at the last part of the line.
  • Square / Corner bet: These bets are on four numbers which are in square design and the chips are positioned at the vertical and horizontal meeting point of the lines amid numbers
  • Sixline bet: These bets are on two adjacent street bets. The chips are positioned at the matching intersection.
  • Trio bet: In these bets the chips are positioned on the intersecting spot of zero, or 1 and 2 or zero, or 2 and 3.

Outside Bets

  • Even money bets: These bets are on eighteen numbers. The chips are positioned in a box, which symbolize an "attribute".
  • Group bet: These betas are on the first, second, or third group of twelve numbers.
  • Column bet: These bets are on all the twelve numbers that are on the perpendicular lines where chips are positioned underneath the last numeral in the column.
  • Black or Red: These bets are on whether a ball will stop on black number or red number. The bets are placed on an area, which says either black or red. These bets are common as they offer a player 50/50 likelihood of winning.
  • Even or Odd: This one is similar to Black and Red, but the difference is that there are even and odd numbers. Zero is not counted in these bets.
  • High or Low: Such bets are placed on whether the subsequent number is in between 2 to 8 or amid 19 to 36. These bets are placed in boxes.
  • Columns: These wagers are placed on whether the numeral within a fixed column on a table will come up.
  • Dozens: These are similar to column bets and are placed on whether a numeral is included in the initial dozen or the subsequent dozen or else the third dozen.