Casino Certification

The online casino games are immensely popular medium of entertainment for people around the world. The huge demand and craze in the public encourages wrong people to start taking advantages by using scam portals and fraud websites. To discourage this practice the law system have come up with brilliant ideas of using enlisted certificates as a means for normal public around the world identify the authentic licensed safe online gaming portals.

This ensures the genuinely of the results of the games and the money operations are safe. Many people have suffered unknowing being victims of these portals and losing their hard earned money as they had no means to identify which portals on the net can be trusted and which are fake. The random selection shows all, confusing the citizens around the world choosing wrong portals and getting harassed uselessly.

This was a step demanded by the people at large and those who were unaware of this certificates needs to get more knowledge on the subject before starting on the path of online casino games. Awareness needs to be created among all that they get more trained on what is right and wrong and thus differentiate the fake ones.


The TST or the Technical System testing operates in the market of gambling from 1993 and been testing the casino software's for long. Auditing the online casinos is their latest project and their results can be trusted blindfolded. The gaming software ratified by TST is hugely authentic having fair RNG and independent results supporting excellence in service. With offices all around USA and Europe this companies provide genuine certificates which once seen in the website will ensure authentic transaction.

CFG is another name in the online gambling testing firms which is instrumental in auditing many of the big names in the industry. With a team of specialized people they test the gambling portals using several measures to make it absolutely authentic.

The certificate from CFG ensures fair game and quality product. Enrolling in a site which has CFG certification is always a correct decision as fraudulent activity or unfair utility is not possible in these online games. The best part of the CFG team is the regular interval checking keeping the portals trustworthy for all time.

The Gambling Portal Webmaster Association popularly known as GPWA is a newly formed company with varied clients. This certificate can be considered legitimate in any portals since they use modern technology and independent procedures to establish the authenticity of the online casino games. The certificate is very well a guarantee towards their trustworthy review that this portals are safe and gaming secure. So enjoy with proper knowledge and play safe games.